BICRAD Makes Osteocool Technology History

BICRAD Makes Osteocool Technology History

As many of our patients may already know, our physicians went to the most respected medical schools and trained at the top academic medical centers to complete their residency and fellowship programs. Most importantly, they have decades of experience in the field. We’re extremely proud of our physicians and couldn’t be more excited to announce that one of our very own doctors has just made HISTORY. Our very own Dr. Joseph was the first IR to use the OsteoCool technology in the east bay!

On October 18th, a patient was under the care of Dr. Joseph’s oncologist, Dr. Nitin Joshi in Castro Valley, who diagnosed him with late stage lung cancer. The patient was admitted to Eden hospital for pain, and Dr. Joseph recognized that he was a candidate for treatment with the new OsteoCool Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) system. Tumors had invaded two of the patient’s vertebral bodies, causing pain and possible instability.

In order to effectively treat this patient, Dr. Joseph used a brand new technology to treat the metastatic tumors in the spine. With this percutaneous procedure, Dr. Joseph was able to ablate the tumors, increase stability, and possibly halt tumor growth. Dr. Joseph hopes to be able to deliver enough pain relief to allow the patient to attend his daughter’s wedding in December.

Check Dr. Joseph out in action: 

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