How Well Do You Know Your Bones?

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Your skeletal frame is what supports you through your daily life, but not many people think too much about their bones. What do bones do? What are bones? If you were to ask someone these questions you would probably get responses like “bones support the body” and “the strong white things that have calcium.”

While these responses are technically accurate, bones are more complex than most people give them credit. We’ve compiled a list of surprising information about your bones so you can become acquainted with your very own skeletal frame.

Bones Take Years To Fully Heal

Following a fracture, your bone can take up to nine years to fully repair the damage. Excess bone marrow forms around the break and it takes years for it to be broken down by specialized cells called osteoclasts. While you may consider your bone “healed” after you take off your cast, it isn’t truly repaired until much further down the line.

Bones Are Linked To The Immune System

In addition to acting as a support network for the body, bones also play an important role in marrow production. Marrow is directly linked to the body’s immune defenses, therefore bone health is important for the overall health of an individual. Who knew bone health played a role in your overall well-being?

As Skin Sags As You Age, So Do Your Bones

As people age, the bones just beneath their eyes drops down. This gives off the look of sagging cheeks as the chin thins and becomes less defined. Bones naturally break down and rebuild, but over time bones do not rebuild as fast as they used to. This leads to the withering and movement of bones associated with aging.

Bones Are Alive

Bones are strong and sturdy like a piece of stone, which is why some people have trouble seeing them as clusters of living cells. But they are alive, and they die too. In fact, about every dozen years or so, everyone builds a brand new skeleton! So, 12 years ago, you had a completely different framework underneath your skin.

Physical Activity Makes Bones Stronger

While it might seem like physical activity wouldn’t have much effect on bones (unless a bone was broken in the process), physical activity is crucial for preventing bone disease like osteoporosis. The activity breaks down the bone tissue and new bone is formed in its place – this time stronger than before.

So bones do not just “support the body,” they are a collection of complex tissues with multiple important purposes. All of us at BICRAD want our patients to become familiar with their body and feel educated about their bones. If you’re in need of any medical imaging scan, please contact us to set up an appointment at a location near you.