Why Medical Imaging Is Necessary For Our Overall Health

why medical imaging is crucial for your overall health, what is medical imaging

Throughout the past three decades, medical imaging has revolutionized the methods medical professionals use, interpret, diagnose and treat medical ailments and life-threatening diseases. Medical imaging is regularly ranked as one of the top medical developments in “recent” history—meaning over the last 1,000 years or so—as both patients and medical professionals have evaluated and experienced the vast benefits of medical imaging for saving lives. Below, we discuss a few of the many reasons medical imaging is an essential part of our overall health and how it continues to turn patients into survivors every day.

More Easily Diagnose Ailments

Whether you are an aging man, a child with chronic headaches, or a healthy woman checking for breast cancer, diagnostic medical imaging provides vital information about your health. What was once diagnosed by invasive exploratory procedures can now be tested using non-invasive medical imaging techniques. By reading medical images of the body, a radiology professional can diagnose illnesses like pneumonia, cancer, internal bleeding, brain injuries, etc., easier than ever.

Live Longer

One study showed that the increased use of medical imaging is directly related to an increase in life expectancy for Americans. By diagnosing and treating diseases earlier, Americans can avoid invasive and often life-threatening procedures. This is good news for anyone who wants to eventually see 100 candles on a birthday cake.

Detect Early, Fight Early

Diagnostic medical imaging has reduced breast cancer mortality, allowed medical professionals to successfully employ drugs to stop blood clotting after a stroke, and decreased death rates for colon cancer (just to name a few breakthroughs). Early detection using safe and effective medical imaging has given patients and doctors the opportunity to begin the fight for health earlier than any other time in history.

Minuscule Risks

Contrary to many invasive exploratory procedures, when technology is used appropriately, the health risk for most medical imaging procedures is minute. Though radiation is a small risk, manufacturers and technology professionals have introduced innovative new products and tools over the past few decades that have reduced the radiation dose for most procedures up to 75%!

Cost Cutting

Medical imaging offers a cost-effective care option for 50-60 percent of all diagnosed cancer patients today. Diagnostic medical imaging allows patients to limit or avoid invasive medical procedures and return to their lives faster, reducing the amount of time missing work and in hospitals with compounding medical bills. According to a study performed by Harvard researchers, every $385 spend on medical imaging decreases a patient’s hospital stay by one day, saving that patient around $3,000.

Ever-Changing Technology

The technology of medical and diagnostic imaging is improving every day. Image quality becomes sharper and clearer, diagnostic methods have enhanced, radiation therapy allows physicians to offer tailored non-invasive methods of care that can bring better treatment at lower costs. Medical professionals and researchers continue to invest in innovative technologies associated with bringing medical imaging and radiation therapy to the forefront of medical care. In addition to protecting the health and wellbeing of millions of people, medical imaging has also created countless jobs and career paths for those who want to make a difference.

Medical imaging saves countless lives every day and improves the quality of life for many patients across the country. Advances in this field continue to help researchers find better treatments and discover cures that once seemed beyond comprehension. If you’re in need of any medical imaging procedure, schedule an appointment with us at a location near you.