Meet Evan Sirc, Our Newest Radiologist At Bay Imaging Consultants!

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At Bay Imaging Consultants (BICRAD), we are rapidly growing our private radiology group which means there are plenty of new faces in the mix. In order to keep our group and patients close knit, we want to introduce the new radiologists that join our team. Our newest member, Evan Sirc, is a wonderful addition to our team and we want to give him a warm welcome while letting you get to know him on a personal level, just as we have!

What Made You Choose Radiology?

Evan initially discovered his love for radiology when he was flipping through “Where’s Waldo?” books and putting together hidden picture puzzles. These fun past times drew him to radiology simply because he felt he was able to take on another identity as a visual detective. However, he didn’t let this remain a daydream. He decided to put his dreams into action and began working toward becoming a radiologist.

What Was Your Radiology Journey?

Evan has traveled around the United States in order to chase his childhood dream of becoming a visual detective. He was born and raised in Minnesota but completed his residency in Seattle and his fellowship in nuclear medicine at UCSF in San Francisco. Evan was drawn to nuclear medicine because it requires the joint understanding of patient anatomy and physiology. “It really requires an understanding and integration of both areas to correctly interpret the scans.”

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

Evan’s wanderlust isn’t simply related to following his dreams of being a radiologist. He frequently travels to Southeast Asia with his fiancé and is fascinated with French culture. Our newest member is quite active and enjoys running, but in his downtime, he likes to kick back and read science fiction/fantasy novels.

We can’t express how excited we are to have our newest radiologist on board with all of us at BICRAD. Our radiology group is lucky to have him and we’re certain that our patients will feel the same. Here’s a big thanks to letting everyone get to know the real you, Evan.