Radiologist Spotlight: Wilson Chwang

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Our mission is to ensure that our patients feel comfortable with our radiologists here at BICRAD, so we feel the importance to introduce you to our new radiologists. So, we would like to let you get to know our newest radiologist, Dr. Wilson Chwang!

What Made You Become A Radiologist?

In order to get to know Dr. Chwang, understanding why he chose his career path is the perfect place to start. In his own words, “I became a radiologist because I found it to be a fascinating profession. We are able to peer inside the human body and use images to guide diagnosis and treatment.” He has always been intrigued by the unique work that is involved in radiology which led him to pursue his dream of becoming a radiologist.

Where Did You Go To School?

Dr. Wilson’s dream led him to earn his A.B. in Chemistry from Harvard and his M.D. & PH.D. at Baylor College of Medicine. He continued his educational journey by completing his Diagnostic Residency at Henry Ford Hospital and his fellowship in Neuroradiology at Stanford. His long educational journey paired with his many years of experience has earned him the status as an expert in the radiology field. Dr. Chwang received the gold seal of approval when he became board certified in 2015 by the American Board of Radiology.

What Is Your Number One Priority?

Our newest radiologist’s number one priority is ensuring that patients are genuinely cared for. In his own words, “We work closely with many other health care providers. It is a wonderful and rewarding way to take care of patients.” All of us at BICRAD firmly agree that working with our patients is one of the most rewarding parts of our job and we’re delighted that Chwang is on the same page.

Welcome onboard, Dr. Chwang!