No-Shave November: So Much More than a Grooming Statement

no shave november, what's no shave november about

No-shave November may seem like an excuse to grow a Grizzly Adams beard before winter, but we’re here to let you know this sweeping national movement is so much more than that. The month-long journey of hair-raising proportions is meant to promote awareness and spark conversation around cancer of all kinds.

The rules are simple: hide your razor for the month of November and, in turn, donate your monthly grooming expenses to the cause. “Movember” encourages participation of all kinds; so don’t fret if beard growing isn’t your thing. No-Shave November urges men, women, and people of all ages to join in the fight to find a cure for cancer.   

But…why the hair?

The origin of No-Shave November came from the idea that by growing out your hair and embracing that simple opportunity, you can call awareness and attention to those who lose their hair during their brave fight against cancer. By donating what you’d typically spend grooming, you can contribute to education and early detection of different the many different cancers that claim too many lives each year.

Which organizations benefit?

While you can create your own personal or office-wide No-Shave November programs and donate the proceeds to the cancer organization of your choosing, the official No-Shave November program benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Fight Colorectal Cancer organization, and the St. Jude’s Research Hospital. But again, your donation could go to anything from breast cancer awareness and providing screening mammograms to programs that help cancer patients and their families financially.

How can I get involved?

Beyond donating your own grooming funds to a charitable organization fighting cancer, you could coordinate a Movember event that fosters participation in your office, church, school, etc. It’s easy for the real meaning of No-Shave November to get lost among the jokes and memes, so you can work to be the driving force that helps remind participants of true meaning behind this live-saving mission. Encourage folks to not just grow their hair and beards out, but also donate a portion of money that would equate to their usual cost of grooming to an organization. 

What if my office says “no” to beards?

Let’s face it, not everyone can grow a beard and many corporate offices have rules against radical facial hair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be an advocate for cancer awareness! Put together an event to raise money for an organization of your choosing, and just leave the hair out of it!

How does BICRAD participate?

BICRAD is not only dedicated to spreading the word about early detection to fight cancer, we are also involved in a number of community events to raise both money and awareness on the journey to curing cancer.  

Make sure your Movember is not just a fun reason to grow a beard or stop shaving your legs. Take the month to educate yourself on cancer, any family history of the disease, and your opportunities for routine screening. No-Shave November is a great way to start open conversations with your friends and loved ones about the importance of early detection, healthy habits, and education. And lastly, take the month as an opportunity to be grateful for your own good health.