Does My Radiologist Need To Be Board Certified?

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The term “board certified” gets thrown around a good amount in the medical world, but how does it apply to you, the patient? Well, for starters, board certification serves as a notable indicator for the highest standard of care available. When searching for a radiologist in your area, we strongly urge you to consider choosing a board-certified radiologist—and here’s why!

What is board certification?

To achieve board certification, the American Board of Radiologists conducts qualifying examinations to measure the qualification of those who have completed their training in the radiology profession. According to the American Board of Radiologists, following the initial certification, radiologists and medical physicists are then referred to as “diplomats of the ABR.” Board certification must be maintained and is an essential part of ensuring quality care. You can verify board certification status on the ABR website.

Why is board certification important?

Despite how it may sound, board certification is not a required part of practicing medical care. While it is not required, it is a valuable tool for determining the experience of a physician as board certification is an extra step a radiologist must take to demonstrate their specialty training. As mentioned above, the board certification must be maintained, meaning every few years—as determined by the ABR—the radiologist must re-take tests to ensure that he or she continues to exemplify knowledge and expertise in their field of certification.

This is also important because board-certified radiologists take the extra step to ensure they are providing the best care possible by regularly testing their knowledge of the radiology profession in the ever-changing medical landscape.

How does board certification benefit me?

By knowing you have a board-certified radiologist, you are assured that the professional taking care of you has gone the extra mile to demonstrate their exemplary expertise in the field. It’s important to note that most board certification tests are intended to be rigorous and demanding.

Board Certification at BICRAD

We’re proud to say that all radiologists at BICRAD are board-certified. This means that each and every radiologist has undergone a series of tests to achieve and maintain their board certification status. We believe that dedication to the field of radiology and maintaining knowledge and experience allows us to provide the best care possible to our patients. Let us show you the difference a board-certified team can make at BICRAD—make your first appointment today!