Women's History Month - A Reflection From Our MIA Leadership Team

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March is one of our favorite months because we get a chance to celebrate all the incredible women who make our team the powerhouse that it is! March is Women’s History Month, a time for celebrating the sacrifice, hard work, and dedication of all the women who came before us, and a time for empowering and encouraging younger generations of women to dream big and never stop working to accomplish their goals.

We sat down with three of our favorite women - the wonderful leadership team over at Magnetic Imaging Affiliates - and asked them a little bit about the women who inspired them to pursue their careers, and the advice they have for young women considering a career in radiology. These were their nuggets of wisdom!

“Who did you admire growing up that was a woman, and why?”


“What advice would you give to a young woman hoping to enter into the field of radiology?”


We are so grateful for the many women before us who forged a path to ensure that we could pursue our dreams, for the women we are lucky enough to work with every day as peers and as friends, and for the ones we haven’t met yet, whose futures are bright. Happy Women’s History Month - may you spend every day building up the women around you!