Getting To Know BICRAD Radiologist: Dr. T. Eric Drasin

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In case you couldn’t tell, here at BICRAD we’re incredibly proud of the amazing men and women who make up our team. We have over 100 radiologists on staff, who serve patients each and every day across the bay area at over 30 hospital and outpatient imaging locations. Every single one of our radiologists brings something unique to the team, and we love when we get a chance to highlight them so that patients get a chance to learn more about them not just professionally, but also on a personal level.

Today we’re sharing a little bit more about Dr. T. Eric Drasin, an incredibly talented Interventional Radiologist who is Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology, with certifications of added qualification in Vascular Radiology and Interventional Radiology. We sat down and asked him a couple of questions about life as a radiologist, his professional accomplishments, and what he loves doing when he’s not in the office. Here are his responses!

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What’s something you learned in medical school that you use every day?

With the patient asleep prior to starting a surgery, the attending surgeon spoke to us, the 2 medical students in the room, about how we should remember that even though the patient is asleep, draped, and lying motionless on the table, it is a privilege that has been granted us by the patient to be able to take care of them.  Even though I do not meet most of the patients whose scans I read, I think of it the same way.

How long have you been with BICRAD and what’s the best part about being part of the team?

 I’ve been with BICRAD for almost 5 years, and the best part is being a member of an organization committed to providing excellent patient care and continuously adapting to keep our practice at the forefront of radiology.

Tell us something that we probably don’t know about imaging?  

Most radiologists undergo 6 years of additional training after medical school, more than almost any other specialty.

What is something that we wouldn’t know about you?

I grew up ski racing in Lake Tahoe, and continue to ski as much as possible, passing along my love of the sport and the mountains to my two children.

What is one food that you couldn’t live without?  

Mexican food, especially a good taco.

It’s so important to remember that your radiologist isn’t just your doctor, they’re a person too! Understanding who they are both personally and professionally can go a long way towards reassuring you that you’re trusting the right person with your care. Keep an eye out for our next radiologist spotlight!