5 Injured NFL Players Who Needed A Little Imaging Love This Season

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The NFL 2017 season came to an end on Sunday, February 4th with a glorious defeat of the New England Patriots by the underdog Eagles from Philly. Some of you might be wondering right now, “what do football and radiology have in common?” Well, considering the number of injuries that wreaked havoc on the NFL (and your fantasy team) this season, we’d say: a lot. 

Injuries are part of the game, and in recent years they’ve become an all-too-common occurrence in the NFL. Owners know this, the commissioner knows this, and the fans know this, and as a result, we’ve seen steps taken towards better diagnosing injuries as they happen on the field and finding ways to prevent them off the field. Radiology technology plays a crucial role in diagnosing on and off the field injuries, which is why you’ll see x-ray, CT, and MRI technology in the tents and the locker rooms at facilities all across the U.S., not just in the NFL but at the college level as well.

As one of the largest group of radiology centers in the Bay area, and as die-hard football fans, Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group wants to extend some love to 5 injured NFL players who needed a little imaging care this season. 

1. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz (Quarterback)

The news of Wentz’s injury during a week 14 game against the Rams was a hard hit to take for fans. As a second-year quarterback, Wentz is a sensation and was poised to lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl, in addition to being a strong contender for the 2017 MVP award. 

Unfortunately, Wentz suffered from a torn ACL in the left knee. After testing, it was confirmed that he also had a torn LCL, and a partially torn IT (iliotibial) band. Wentz had to undergo surgery and luckily, he is expected to be back by next season’s opening game. 

2. Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson (Quarterback)

No one expected Watson’s injury, or at least, that it would be season-ending. The injury crept up silently during practice on November 2nd, causing him to trip and fall. Team members barely even noticed the injured Watson. Although he was able to get up, he didn’t finish the practice. Tests determined it was a torn ACL in the right knee. 

Watson’s presence was sorely missed by the Houston Texans as he had helped make them the highest-scoring team in the NFL, with 30.7 points per game. Watson was off to one of the hottest rookie seasons we’ve seen in years, and we can’t wait to see how he progresses next season once he’s back in full health. We wish him a speedy recovery!

3. Packers: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback) 

Week 6 brought a big injury for Rodgers when he was hit by Vikings’ linebacker Anthony Barr. A CT scan revealed that the impact resulted in a snapped collarbone, which ended up requiring surgery. After surgery, Rodgers returned but was still sore and did not play as well.

Shortly after, the Packers were eliminated from playoff contention and Rodgers was placed on injured reserve for the remainder of the season. Rodgers is Rodgers, though, and we’re sure he’ll make use of the off-season to heal and come back stronger than ever!!

4. Steelers: Ryan Shazier (Linebacker) 

There were lots of injuries in the NFL this year, but few were as shocking (or as terrifying) as Ryan Shazier’s. On Monday, December 4th, Shazier lowered his head and used the crown of his helmet when tackling Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone. The hit ended in a gut-wrenching back injury that immediately worried teammates and audience members alike. 

After falling, Shazier commented that he could not feel his legs and was immediately taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he received a CT Scan and an MRI. The diagnostics revealed a spinal contusion and two days later he underwent surgery. Recent updates reveal that Shazier can feel his legs again and is recovering. 

5. Jets: Bryce Petty (Quarterback)

Getting knocked on your back can easily take someone’s breath away, but it can also cause real chest injuries. Unfortunately, Petty experienced this first-hand during a Saturday night game on December 16th. 

It was the first play of the fourth quarter and Petty was completing a 28-yard pass to Robby Andrews when two Miami Dolphins players sandwiched him, lifting him in the air and dropping him on his back. 

X-Rays at the stadium revealed nothing abnormal but Petty complained of sharp, burning pain in his chest and not being able to breathe in deeply. A CT scan on Sunday did confirm a chest injury. 

Now that football season is over, we at Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group hope these and other injured players have some time to rest and recover. Hopefully, they will be back in full force next season. In any case, we understand what they’re going through. That’s why this we want to send all our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.