5 Reasons Why BICRAD Has The Best Radiology Specialists

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When you’re in need of an imaging test, you want to make sure that the clinic you choose has the best radiology specialists in your area. Why? Well, because oftentimes the result of a diagnostic imaging test is what determines whether you are ill and in need of treatment.

A well-trained radiologist should be able to read your scan and suggest an appropriate course of treatment, if necessary. Unfortunately, many patients who undergo an imaging test never even get to meet the radiologist that read their scan. At Bay Imaging Consultants, our radiologists are not only extensively qualified, they’re also trained and ready to meet with you directly.

Here are five reasons why we believe our clinics are home to the best radiology specialists.

1. All of our radiologists are certified by the American Board Of Radiology. With over 90 radiologists on our team, we can proudly boast that every single one of them is board certified. This means that they have met all of the requirements, additional training, and have undergone a written and oral examination with the American Board of Radiology.

2. In addition to their four-year residency training, the majority of our radiologists have received at least one additional year of subspecialty training. This training, or fellowships, were carried out at universities like UCLA,  Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard.

3. Our radiologists bring their expertise to eight different subspecialties. Because of our radiologists' wide array of fellowship training, we are able to offer experienced care in eight different radiology subspecialties including General Diagnostic, Women’s Imaging, Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Body Imaging.

4. Our radiologists hold appointments at UCSF and Stanford and are chief of staff at several of the hospitals they serve. One of the benchmarks for making sure your radiologist is a trained professional of exceeding quality is whether they also read for hospitals. As you’ll see, many of our radiologists do!

5. Our radiologists have received their degrees at the best universities in the country. From their B.A.’s and M.D.’s to their Residency and Fellowships, our radiologists have studied at the best universities and hospitals the country has to offer: UCLA, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, Harvard, John Hopkins, Berkley, and more!

Our benchmark for quality is high and we make sure our radiologists’ is too, that’s why we only house the best radiology specialists available. All of our time and energy is dedicated to providing the best quality care for our patients. For more information about who we are, or to visit one of our clinics, simply contact us or book an appointment today.