How To Offer The Best Breast Cancer Support Possible

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Watching someone you love go through breast cancer can be extremely difficult and frustrating. You may not even know where to begin when it comes to showing them the right kind of support and encouragement. Breast cancer is a tricky subject to discuss and when it affects one of your family members, it can be even more difficult to process.

The good news is you’re not alone, and with just a little bit of research and dedication, you could find that knowing how to support someone with cancer is not as difficult as it may seem to be at first. Here are 3 simple ways you can provide better breast cancer support for your loved one, starting today.

Gather Your Own Breast Cancer Information

There are countless breast cancer information resources you can turn to including the library, the American Cancer Society, and your own doctor’s office.

Learning more about the disease will give you a better idea of what your loved one is going through on a daily basis. It can be frightening seeing a loved one feeling weak or in pain. Having some information about their treatment will better prepare you for what to expect.

Gaining information will also help you support your loved one during doctor visits. They probably already have enough on their mind as it is, so if you already know information before you go, you can help them ask questions and understand what the doctor is telling them.

Be Prepared To Listen

Some patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer may feel very isolated because people just don’t know what to say. It is important to remember that you can’t say anything to make breast cancer go away, nor should you make any promises that it will. What you can do is listen as they talk, vent, cry or laugh — and to encourage them to do so. Providing good breast cancer support is sometimes just about being there for the person.

Don’t Treat Them Like Someone With Cancer.

When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, they can eventually become very associated with their disease. As the family or friend of someone with breast cancer, though, it’s important to remind yourself (and them) that their diagnosis is not their identity. The memories you have shared do not go away and neither does their intelligence, humor or wit.

More Information

At the end of the day, if you are trying to provide breast cancer support to someone going through breast cancer, just being there can make a world of difference. If you or anyone you know is suffering from breast cancer and would like to schedule an imaging exam at one of our locations, feel free to contact us today! To schedule a mammogram or any other women’s imaging, book an appointment today! We are always here to provide you with breast cancer resources as well as preventative measures.