Imaging Quality 101: Why The Radiology Center You Choose Matters

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At Bay Imaging Consultants, we believe in offering only the best possible service to those undergoing medical imaging procedures. We place maximum importance on delivering quality MRI services and ensuring that our facilities employ subspecialized radiologists. This means you can rest assured that your radiologists have the highest level of knowledge in their specialization.

Our imaging center, Magnetic Imaging Affiliates, is equipped with 2 of the highest quality MRI scanners available, which enables our center to see more patients without sacrificing quality results. Not only are our radiologists subspecialized, they are also reading scans that are exponentially clearer than scans produced from other MRI scanners.

Breaking Down Imaging Quality

When you choose BICRAD, you’re choosing top of the line customer service, radiology, and imaging quality. We offer 3T and 1.5T imaging, which provides patients access to sophisticated technology that was previously confined to research facilities. These machines are producing 10 to 15 times the magnetic field of low field scanners, which greatly improves the image quality that is produced.

What Makes Us Different?

Bay Imaging Consultants houses 5 MRI and CT ACR accredited outpatient-imaging centers and employs 90 board certified radiologists. Many of our physicians host appointments at UCSF and Stanford and are chiefs of staff at several of the hospitals they serve. Their expertise is matched only by our state-of-the-art imaging services, which consist of breast imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, PET, Interventional and Neuro-Interventional, and computed tomography (CT).

Let’s put it this way: if a picture — or an image— is worth a thousand words, then our machines are basically encyclopedias.The increased image quality is specifically beneficial to pathological conditions involving the brain, spine, and the musculoskeletal system. Our machines not only produce top notch, quality images, they are also able to increase efficiency — our scan times are shorter without sacrificing any of your comfortability, care, or expectations.

Why Does Imaging Quality Matter?

The immense amount of detail that is produced by our 3T and 1.5T scanners enable our subspecialized radiologists to make clear, confident, and accurate identifications of benign and malignant medical conditions. This advantage is extremely important when it comes to early detection and saving you money. While clearer images make it easier for our radiologists to spot abnormalities, it also makes it easier for them to diagnose them without having to go through a variety of other expensive, diagnostic tools.

If you’re in need of a trusted, sophisticated and technologically advanced outpatient imaging center, you can rely on our staff and equipment to provide you with unmatched care. Don’t compromise your health by settling for lower quality MRI scanners, your health is too important for that. Choose Magnetic Imaging Affiliates where you can rest assured you are receiving advanced imaging care from experts.