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David S. Howard, M.D.

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Board of Certification
American Board of Radiology
Diagnostic Radiology

GET TO KNOW David Howard

How long have you been with BICRAD and what's the best part about being part of the team?
I have been with Bay Imaging Consultants (BIC) since 2005. Because of our large footprint we have a very diverse practice, which requires our radiologists to maintain a large imaging skill set. We also have new radiologists joining our practice each year. These physicians bring in fresh ideas from their training which help to keep the more seasoned members of the group up to date.

What's the biggest change or advancement that you've seen in radiology since you started?
The largest change has been the transition to digital imaging, electronic records and the ability to provide imaging interpretations offsite. This allows BIC to provide more sub specialized and timely interpretations that were not possible when studies needed to be read onsite.

Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
My favorite vacation spot would have to be Hawaii. I enjoy snorkeling and diving. One year I saw a whale shark off of Kauai!

Do you have any favorite overall tips on how to be healthy?
Learn how to master moderation. Even healthy activities in excess can be rough on your body!

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