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Keith E. Tao, M.D.

General Diagnostic Radiology

Board of Certification
American Board of Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging


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How long have you been with BICRAD and what's the best part about being part of the team?
Over 20 years. It is exciting but at the same time humbling to be working everyday with top quality radiologists.

What's the biggest change or advancement that you've seen in radiology since you started?
I have been a radiologist for well over 30 years. The biggest change has been the increasing reliance of the practice of medicine on radiology. The field is now one of the most critical components in healthcare delivery. Its ability to streamline diagnosis and participate in the management of diseases renders the entire process far more efficient than it was three decades ago.

What qualities make up great radiologists?
In depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology; attention to small details; up to date knowledge of advances in the diagnostic field; ability to communicate.

What does a day in the "office" look like for you?
I usually start my day between 7:30 and 8:30. Work overnight is already waiting so there is no slow build up. You hit the road running. The shift is usually 10 hours long and lunch is whenever you can find a break. I frequently eat at my work station. I also have a two hour commute each day.

Stanford University

Medical School
University of California, San Francisco

Mt. Zion Medical Hospital
Diagnostic Radiology