Why should you refer your patients to BICRAD?

That's easy.

  • All of our radiologists are board certified
  • Each of our radiologists are sub-specialized in Musculoskeletal radiology to ensure a high level of expertise
  • We strongly abide by our industry's protocols
  • The bay area's professional athletic teams have chosen BICRAD for their musculoskeletal needs, so you know we're top notch.
  • Our 3T MRI technology is top quality to ensure superior imaging quality
  • We truly care about our patients, their health, and their overall experience
  • Do you really need any more reasons? 😉

Meet Our Musculoskeletal Radiologists

Our radiologists specializing in musculoskeletal radiology focus on bones, joints and muscles. Musculoskeletal radiologists interpret images from MRI, CT and ultrasound exams. They also perform diagnostic and therapeutic joint injection procedures. If your patients need diagnostic or therapeutic joint procedures, refer them to our team of board certified radiologists.

Ranked #12 On Top 100 Private Radiology Practices

While dedicating our time and energy into providing quality care to our patients, Bay Imaging Consultants were generously awarded #12 on the Top 100 Largest Private Radiology Practices of 2016 sponsored by the ACR. 

At Bay Imaging Consultants (BICRAD), we provide professional radiology services to East and North Bay hospitals. We operate and manage five MRI and CT ACR accredited outpatient-imaging centers throughout the greater East Bay. Our 90 board-certified radiologists went to the most respected medical schools and trained at the top academic medical centers for residency and fellowship programs. Each of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology. 

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