Patient Billing

If you've received a bill from us, choose from any of the following options below or call us at (888) 603-1387.

Commonly Asked Billing Questions

1. Who is Bay Imaging Consultants?
We are a private radiology group that reads diagnostic exams for various hospitals and outpatient imaging centers across the Eastern and Northern Bay area. Hospitals and outpatient centers want the highest-level understanding of your scan. So, the hospital or outpatient imaging center you visited has trusted our 90+ board-certified and sub-specialized radiologists to interpret your scan and create a comprehensive report for your physician. Ultimately, we’re involved so we can provide you with reliable results that you can count on. It’s nice to meet you! 

2. Why did I receive a bill from Bay Imaging Consultants?
The hospital or outpatient imaging center you have visited outsources the reading of their imaging scans to our radiologists at Bay Imaging Consultants, also known as a "professional reading fee". As a patient, you will receive a bill from your hospital/imaging center for the scanning fee which covers the cost of the scanner or machine used to perform your scan. Then you will receive a bill from our team at BICRAD to "read" your exam and create the report that is sent to your physician. When you filled out your paperwork, it states that you're responsible for any out-of-pocket costs that are associated with the professional reading fee of our radiologists. 

3. I already paid my bill in full, so why am I receiving another bill from Bay Imaging Consultants?
It’s important to highlight that you will receive two separate bills - one from your hospital/imaging center and another one from our team at Bay Imaging Consultants. Our bill is to cover the cost of our radiologist’s interpretation and report of your scan.

4. How can I pay my bill to Bay Imaging Consultants?
It’s easy! You can pay your bill online by visiting or by calling us at (888) 603-1387.

5. What will my bill look like?

This is an example of a bill you will receive for imaging studies performed in a hospital or out-patient imaging facility where Bay Imaging Consultants is the Radiology group.  This is for the professional fee for the Radiologist to read your exam and give feedback to your physician.  You may receive another bill from the hospital or facility itself, for the technical fee, or the person who performed your exam.


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Payment Options

Bay Imaging Consultants and our affiliated sites participate with most major insurance companies. We are happy to file claims for your studies regardless of our in-network participation. If you have any questions about what your particular insurance company will cover, please contact your carrier directly. Since every plan is a different and unique, Bay Imaging Consultants staff cannot guarantee coverage nor answer specific questions about your coverage. For your convenience we offer online access to patient billing accounts.


Present your current insurance Card and Picture ID at registration prior to your procedure. We will file the insurance claim.

Checks and Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, personal check, or debit card are all accepted (American Express is accepted at most facilities).

Discount Plans

Discounts are available for uninsured patients; please speak to representative at your authorized facility for details.

Payment Plans

Depending on the amount owed, you may qualify for several payment plan options. Simply contact our customer service line at 1-888-603-1387. This information is also provided on your bill.