interventional radiology

What Is Interventional Radiology?

Bay Imaging Consultants is composed of specialized radiologists who perform a variety of minimally invasive image-guided procedures and neurosurgical procedures. These treatments are planned by your doctor in consultation with our interventional experts. Some procedures are performed in our CT-suite while others are done in a dedicated surgical-suite equipped with fluoroscopy at our hospitals.

Interventional Procedures

Neuro-Interventional Procedures:

Preparation for Procedure

The patient preparation varies depending on the type of procedure being performed. You will be given instructions when the procedure is scheduled, and before some of these procedures you will meet with the radiologist in advance. After some procedures, you will go home the same day. Others are generally followed by overnight observation in the hospital. If you are or think you might be pregnant, please mention this before the procedure is scheduled.

How Long Will My Procedure Take?

The time required varies greatly, and this, along with recovery time and any special instructions, will be reviewed with you before the procedure.

What Happens Next?

All procedures involve an interpretation of findings that will be reported to your doctor within 24 to 72 hours. In some cases, results may be reviewed with you upon completion of your procedure.