As a Bay Imaging Consultants' patient, we would like to share with you some facts about radiologists, who they are, what their education and training background is and what service they provide to you and your personal physician. Use our directory to find your radiologist and learn more about their background. 


Amy Asandra, M.D. Interventional


Richard B. Baxter, M.D. Interventional
Rudi Barua, M.D. Musculoskeletal
Robert J. Binder, M.D. Body Imaging, General Diagnostic
Kimberly Blumberg, M.D. Neuroradiology
Bryson Borg, M.D. Neuroradiology
James Bronk, M.D. Body Imaging


Jimmy D. Cardoza, M.D. Body Imaging
Susan Cha, M.D., C.C.D. Nuclear Medicine/ PET
Joseph J. Chan, M.D. General Diagnostic
Lauren Chan, M.D. Women's Imaging, Interventional
Ronald S. Chan, M.D., C.C.D. Musculoskeletal
Ruby Chang, M.D. Body Imaging, Abdominal Imaging, Women's Imaging
Jenny Chen, M.D. Neuroradiology
Eric Chen, M.D. Women's Imaging
Samuel Choi, M.D. Neuroradiology
Royce A. Chrys, M.D., DABR Body Imaging, Women's Imaging
George Chu, M.D. General Diagnostic
Wilson Chwang, M.D., PhD Neuroradiology
Philip Chyu, M.D. General Diagnostic
Angelo S. Crudale, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Women's Imaging


Eric A. Dovichi, M.D. Body Imaging
T. Eric Drasin, M.D. Interventional


Barry L. Engelstad, M.D. Nuclear Medicine/ PET
Matthew Epstein, M.D. Musculoskeletal


Ira J. Finch, M.D. Interventional, Neurointerventional
Jonathan H. Fish, M.D. Women's Imaging
Ying Fung, M.D. Body Imaging, Women's Imaging


Erik L. Gaensler, M.D. Neuroradiology, Interventional, Body Imaging
Sangeeta Gambhir, M.D. Body Imaging
Shannon Gaffney, M.D. Women's Imaging
Sunil N. Gandhi, M.D. Body Imaging
David J. Goldberg, M.D. Interventional, Neurointerventional
Mark S. Goldsmith, M.D. Body Imaging, Women's Imaging
Jeffrey Goletz, M.D. Body Imaging
Patrick Gonzales, M.D. Interventional, Abdominal Imaging
Linda M. Gordon, M.D. Body Imaging, Women's Imaging


Hans Han, P.A. Interventional Radiology
Stephen M. Hesseltine, M.D. Neuroradiology
William K. Hoddick, M.D. Body Imaging
Molly M. Honegger, M.D. Women's Imaging
Richard Hong, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Interventional
David S. Howard, M.D. Musculoskeletal


Mehrbod Javadi, M.D. Nuclear Medicine
Robert Jesinger, M.D. Body Imaging/Women's Imaging
Tom Joseph, M.D. Interventional

Stephen Kahn, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Interventional
Robert Y. Kim, M.D. Interventional
Daniel Y. Kim, MD, MBA Interventional
Kathryn Klima, M.D. Nuclear Medicine/ PET

Annie P. Lai, M.D. Neuroradiology
Amy W. Lai, M.D., C.C.D. Pediatrics
Christopher C. Lee, M.D. Interventional
Shlomo Leibowich, M.D., MBA Pediatrics
Yuririra S. Lobato, M.D. General Diagnostic
Scott A. Lipson, M.D. Body Imaging

Michael Martinucci, M.D. General Diagnostic
Joseph V. Mersol, M.D., PhD Body Imaging
Gina Midmore, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Women’s Imaging
Joseph Morgan, M.D. Neuroradiology
Norman P. Moscow, M.D. Neuroradiology
Christopher Mutch, M.D., PhD Neuroradiology

Keyvan J. Nouri, M.D. Body Imaging

Vishal Panchal, M.D. MusculoskeletalNuclear Medicine/ PET
Saurabh K. Patel, M.D. Musculoskeletal
Wendy L. Patton, M.D. Pediatrics
Jonathan P. Posin, M.D. Neuroradiology, Women's Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET
Shilpa Puppala, M.D. Abdominal Imaging

Siva P. Raman, M.D. Body Imaging
Om Rawal, M.D., M.S. Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Women's Imaging
Samira Rathnayake, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Biomedical
Joan Reynolds, M.D., C.C.D Women's Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/ PET
Philip J. Rich, M.D. Neuroradiology
Patrick Ryan, M.D. Musculoskeletal, Women's Imaging

Eric J. Saldinger, M.D. Body Imaging
Robert M. Schick, M.D., C.C.D. Body Imaging, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine/PET
Robert R. Shimshak, M.D. Nuclear Medicine/PET
Richard M. Sigel, M.D. Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine/PET
Vikash Singh, M.D. Musculoskeletal
Evan Sirc, M.D., C.C.D. Nuclear Medicine/PET
Kirk C. So, M.D. Neuroradiology

Christopher Takehana, M.D. Interventional
Cynthia Tan, M.D. Pediatrics, Women's Imaging
William Tanner, M.D. Body Imaging
Eric M. Tao, M.D. General Diagnostic
Keith E. Tao, M.D. General Diagnostic
Christopher D. Tran, M.D. Body Imaging
David Tso, M.D. Emergency
Mark Tu, M.D. General Diagnostic
Aalok Turakhia, M.D. Body Imaging, Abdominal Imaging

John Van Uden, M.D., PhD Body Imaging, Abdominal Imaging

Vivian W. Wing, M.D., CCD, FACR Women's Imaging
Vincent Wong, M.D. Body Imaging, Abdominal Imaging
Phillip Wong, M.D. Body Imaging
David H. Woo, M.D. Interventional


Robinson Yu, M.D., M.P.H. Neuroradiology