Men's Health Month: Ways You Can Get Involved

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June is Men’s Health Month, which is celebrated across the country with screenings, health fairs, and other health activities and opportunities aimed at promoting awareness and early detection for the diseases that are most prevalent in men.

The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases among men of all ages. This month gives healthcare providers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men to seek regular medical screenings and early treatment for disease. Below, we will talk about common health issues that affect men and how you can get involved in Men’s Health Month.

Common Men’s Diseases

Heart disease is the number one killer of men in the United States. Men typically develop heart disease 10-15 years before women. In addition to heart disease, conditions like prostate cancer, cirrhosis, and melanoma are also dangerous diseases that take thousands of men’s lives annually.

Ways You Can Get Involved In Men’s Health Month

You don’t have to be a man to get involved in Men’s Health Month! There’s a place for everyone to help keep the men we know and love alive and well for longer.

Attend A Health Fair

Bring a man in your life to one of the free Men’s health fairs in your area. There, both of you will be able to learn life-saving tips for prevention and early detection of the diseases that claim men's lives each year.

Volunteer At An Event

Men’s Health Month hosts many events around the country, and what better way to show your support than to volunteer your time to help before, during, or after one of these events. You can also create your own awareness fundraiser or mini event in your area. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to learn, donate, and bring awareness to the diseases that most predominantly affect men.

Encourage The Men In Your Life To Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It’s no secret that it helps to have an accountability and support buddy when it comes to making big lifestyle changes to positively affect your health. Join a husband, brother, father, son, or male friend in making a lifestyle change that will help him live longer. These can include changes in diet, exercising more, planning routine screenings, or mental health care.

Remind The Men In Your Life To Get Screened

One of the most important things you can do to celebrate Men’s Health Month is to remind the men in your life to get screened for diseases. Especially if they are at a higher risk for certain diseases or over a certain age. PSA testing for prostate cancer should begin at age 40, colonoscopy tests should begin at the age of 50 unless earlier testing is required, and if the man in your life is or has been a smoker he may qualify for lung cancer screening at the age of 55. So remember early detection can save their lives and keep them in yours.

Join BICRAD in working to bring awareness about the common diseases that claim the lives of thousands of men each year, encouraging preventative screening, and keeping the ones you love safe and healthy.