how much radiation is an ultrasound

Radiation 101: Just How Much Does Each Imaging Scan Expose You To?

It’s likely you already know that large doses of radiation can wreak havoc on your internal systems and even cause cancer long term. But how much radiation are you exposed to during common imaging tests and is it something you should be concerned about? With the prevalence of cancers in America, it’s only natural to be concerned about your exposure to radiation. Below we’ll take a look at different imaging procedures and radiation associated with each.

How Much Radiation Exposure Do Different Imaging Devices Exert ?

While it’s true enough that some imaging devices exert radiation as they scan, patients should not be worried; the radiation dose is so low that it is comparable to the radiation we receive from the environment naturally. But, in order to truly understand the potential impact of imaging device radiation exposure, we’d like to look at how much radiation each of our imaging devices exert.