Breast Ultrasound

What is a Breast Ultrasound?

The primary use of breast ultrasound today is to help diagnose breast abnormalities detected by a physician during a physical exam (such as a lump or bloody or spontaneous clear nipple discharge) and to characterize potential abnormalities identified on the mammogram. Ultrasound imaging can help to determine if an abnormality is solid (which may be a non-cancerous lump of tissue or a cancerous tumor) or fluid-filled (such as a benign cyst) or both cystic and solid. Ultrasound can also help show additional features of the abnormal area. Doppler ultrasound is used to assess blood supply in breast lesions.

Breast Ultrasound uses high frequency sound much like sonar to image the breast. It is used in conjunction with mammography to answer specific questions about the breast. Ultrasound is also utilized to locate a target area for a biopsy of the breast.

Preparation For The Exam

There is no preparation for this examination.

Exam Time

A breast ultrasound exam usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Exam Results

After your exam, the radiologist will review your images and a report will be sent directly to your physician. Reports are available within 24 to 72 hours.