Fall In Love With MRI Through Cinemavision

cinemavision, MRI goggle

MRI’s are an important imaging test that can be used for diagnostic purposes, but this scan can trigger scanxiety in patients. Whether it’s your first time or you suffer from claustrophobia, MRI’s can be intimidating. At Bay Imaging Consultants, patient comfort is our biggest priority when performing any medical test. To ensure our patients have the best imaging experience, we now offer Cinemavision to patients undergoing MRI procedures.

During an often lengthy or noisy scan, these MRI goggles can help you forget about your surroundings. Cinemavision helps make this process easier by allowing patients to watch a DVD, broadcast television, or listen to an iPod, internet radio or an MP3 player. Here are a few reasons why you can benefit from Cinemavision during your next MRI.

Ease your claustrophobia.

For patients suffering from claustrophobia, MRI scans can feel like a nightmare. A study revealed that 13% of claustrophobic patients undergoing an MRI experienced a panic attack during their scan. Our BICRAD staff is here to support you through the entire scanning process and want to help ease any claustrophobia concerns you may have.

Through Cinemavision, patients can forget that they are even in an MRI scanner and ease their claustrophobia woes. By utilizing Open MRI scanners and MRI goggles, BICRAD has the tools to help you overcome your MRI claustrophobia. These MRI goggles have also proven to be effective when helping veterans that suffer from PTSD.

Eliminate the need for MRI sedation.

Sedation is sometimes required for pediatric MRI, or in adult cases where claustrophobia is severe.  Medication is sometimes suggested depending on the age of the child and length of procedure for children who are unable to stay still for the duration of the scan. We understand this can be a concern for parents. Fortunately, Cinemavision can be a helpful tool to help eliminate the need for sedation. These MRI goggles contribute to making MRI’s a positive experience for even our youngest patients.

Enjoy a stress-free imaging experience.

Even if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, we understand MRI’s can be stressful for first-time patients. Cinemavision can help patients forget about their surroundings entirely and can create a positive imaging experience for patients. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite tunes or film during your MRI scan.

It’s easy to see why patients have fallen in love with their MRI imaging experience, and you can too! MRI goggles are just another way our BICRAD team can help you feel relaxed and stress-free during your MRI experience. If you are in need of an MRI appointment, consider Cinemavision for your imaging experience.